Unreal Engine 5 Featuring The Playstation 5 Demo

Posted By broadway on 14 May, 2020

Well, this is definitely something that hasn't been seen in quite some time, (With Unreal Engine of course.) However with the new upcoming release of PS5, what better way to make it really a surprise then have it showcase the new upcoming game engine update to Unreal's Game Engine, that has made many hit games such as Fortnite. What does this entail? The big changes appear to be dynamic rendering, allowing developers to drop massively complex objects with millions of polygons into their games and lean on the engine to determine how intricately the object can be rendered onscreen. This is just quite amazing, (If you ask me.) The new update will also focus for adding connectivity to go further, bringing Epic Online Services into the beyond with tool-sets that can help developers make their online gameplay leverage to multiple platforms, connecting mobile, console and PC together, just as Fortnite has. Epic Games has also shared that Fortnite, will balance out with Unreal Engine 5. When does either launch? As the game engine is in a "demo" stage there is still lots to be done to the game engine, that being said, we should expect to see Unreal Engine 5 for the public around mid 2021. As for the PlayStation 5, it has said to be released to the public around Christmas time this year, what a great present if you ask me. 🎁

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